Be transparent! We want to hear from you!

Tell us what you have to say through a survey. The goal is to receive valuable feedback from employees about working processes, conditions, management, culture, etc. Once we receive feedback, we analyze the results and implement plans to make improvements. Some surveys that you will encounter include:

Survey Why? When?
New Employee Onboarding Questionnaire Focuses on the onboarding process (i.e. recruiting, interviewing, new hire paperwork, etc.) Once you complete 30 days with us
Employee Career Development

(Employee) (Supervisor)

Both the employee and supervisor will complete this review in order to give feedback on the employee’s performance and outline goal for the next period once a year
360 Degree Feedback Survey Anonymous survey. A developmental tool used to further develop professional, personal and interpersonal skills of our leads/ managers. Constructive feedback from the people who work around the lead/ manager. Twice a year
Satisfaction  Survey Offers you the chance to give anonymous feedback about your experience with QualiTest thus far Twice a year
Engagement Survey To give QualiTest anonymous feedback about your level of engagement and how we can improve Once a year
Exit Survey

(Leaving a Client site)
(Leaving a QT Test Center)

If an employee leaves, they will be asked to fill out a survey regarding their time at QualiTest Once terminated / resigned from QualiTest