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Ask an Expert

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Recently asked questions and answers:

  • Is there a limit to how transparent one should be?
    Yes, there is a limit.  Transparency should come into play for work related topics, concerns, ideas, etc.  However, there is no need to be transparent when it comes to personal things.

  • What happens if doing something to make the customer happy goes against my morals?
    While making the customer happy is important, that doesn’t mean we want you to put yourself at risk while doing it.  I advise that you talk to your QualiTest manager about how to best address the situation with your client and then work together to resolve it.  Open communication is key!

  • My client asked me to resolve a conflict, but it is going to take a while to fix it. How can I ensure that I am still being responsive to the client’s needs?

    In order to be responsive to the client, it is important that expectations are managed.  Have an open and honest conversation with the client explaining that it may take some time to resolve the issue, and most importantly, explain why it will take time.  Together you can create a timeline that will work both for you and the client.

  • Last week my team and I had a brainstorming session where we had to think critically. However, while playing Devil’s Advocate, I came off as rude and negative.  What are some ways to ensure open-mindedness and respect during these sessions?
    The role of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ is often an important group function, however it can also mask itself as someone being “close-minded.”  In order to make sure people are respectful, at the beginning of the meeting, the manager should openly appoint someone to be the devil’s advocate.  This will empower a team member and also prevent the rest of the members from feeling like they are being attacked.