Employee FAQ

Employee FAQ

Learn the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions!

Vacation Related Questions

1. How is vacation accrued?
Vacation days start to accumulate after first 30 days of employment. You accrue 3.08 vacation hours per paycheck.

2. What if I don’t have enough vacation time accrued and need to take time off?
You can still take time off with prior approval, but you will have a negative number of days earned. If your services are terminated OR you quit, the settlement will be made in your remaining pay checks.

3. What is the policy for family leave or maternity leave?
Employees can take a maximum of 12 weeks of unpaid family leave/maternity leave within any 12 month period. Employees will be required to first use any accrued paid vacation leave time before taking the unpaid medical leave.

4. What is the holiday schedule when I work at the client site?
All employees that work at the client sites need to follow the client schedule.

5. What is the Holiday schedule when I work at the QualiTest offices?
Employees who are on short term projects will follow the QualiTest schedule. Employees on long term projects will follow the client schedule. Click here to view the QualiTest holiday schedule.

6. What if I’m following the client schedule and it has fewer days than the QualiTest schedule?
If the client has fewer days, you will get floating holidays.
When you are using a floating holiday, please submit your hours in the system as “unbillable” and write “floating holiday” in the comments.

7. Who should I inform or ask when taking Paid Time Off (PTO)?
Before taking PTO, you need to ask your reporting manager (at the client). Also inform Harvey at hfeuer@qtibs.com after your PTO has been approved.

8. Can vacation days be carried from one year to another?
Yes, vacation days can be carried from one year to another.

Reporting Hours Related Questions

1. When is the time sheet due?
We expect you to submit your hours every week by Monday by 10 am. Please remember that a delay in submitting your hours may result in a delay in the payroll processing for everyone.
Click here for the reporting hours instruction video.
Click here to access QualiTest’s Hour Reporting Site.

2. Do I have to send a time sheet when I take PTO?
Yes, you must submit your hours every week, even if you have taken or are taking PTO. Indicate PTO in your time sheet for the appropriate days.
If you have any questions, please contact Candice Stanford at the corporate office(candices@qualitestgroup.com, 203-955-1815).

Payroll-Related Questions

1. When should I report overtime?
Up to 45 hours is “straight time” and you’ll get paid 100%. Over 45 hours is “Overtime” and you’ll get paid 150%. Please make sure you get an approval from your direct supervisor previous for working over 40 hours.

2. How does the pay period work?
All employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis on Friday. That means that in the week you get paid, you are being paid for the 2 weeks prior.

3. Is there a schedule of the pay dates for each year?
The schedule of pay dates is on the employee portal under “Documents.” Click here to view the payroll calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact Harvey Feuer/ Candice Stanford at the Corporate office (hfeuer@qualitestgroup.com 203-955-1811/ Candices@qualitestgroup.com 203-955-1815)

Insurance-Related Questions

1. What is the last day that I can enroll in insurance?
All Full-time QualiTest employees are eligible for insurance benefits (unless opted out by the employee before joining). The insurance coverage starts on the 1st calendar month after completing 30 days. Within the first 30 days of your start date you must have your Insurance forms completed to be able to get Insurance.

2. What if I miss the enrollment period when I start?
You may enroll during the yearly open enrollment period in November of every year.

3. Is there a possibility to enroll off the open enrollment date?
A person can enroll off the open enrollment date should they undergo a life-changing event, such as: loss of other coverage, marriage, divorce, birth/ adoption of a child, death of spouse (if covered under spouse’s plan).

Sick Day-Related Questions

1. Can I use sick days as a personal time?
No, sick days are not to be used as a personal time.
2. Can sick days be carried from one year to another?
No, sick days can’t be carried from one year to another.

Inclement Weather-Related Questions

1. What happens if my area is not safe to travel?
If you work at the client site, follow the client instructions.
If you work at the QualiTest offices, the weather is not safe and you cannot get to work, you may work from home as per your manager’s approval.

Raise-Related Questions

1. When am I eligible for a raise?
We have a policy of yearly performance evaluations.  As part of the process, you and your manager will evaluate your performance and we’ll discuss a raise.

Maternity Leave-Related Questions

1.Who can take leave?

Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), both mothers and fathers have the same right to take leave, except in NJ.

2. Are there any requirements that must be fulfilled before taking leave?

Yes, an employee who wishes to take leave has to be employed with the company for at least 12 months prior to leave.

3. How much notice is required before taking leave?

An employee must give at least 30 days notice before taking leave.

4. Is there a limit to how long an employee can take leave?

Yes, an employee can take up to 12 weeks of leave within a 12 month period; however, the leave can be intermittent.  Certain states allow for more time, if you have questions about your specific state, contact HR.

5. Will I be paid during leave?

No, leave is unpaid.  However, health insurance benefits will continue to be in effect.

H1-B Visa Related Questions

  1. How many H1b visas are available on 2016?
    The USCIS only gives out 85,000 H1-B visas for 2016.
  2. If I have a specialty degree, such as a Master’s Degree, will that increase my chances of winning the lottery?
    Out of the 85,000 visas that are available, 20,000 of them are specifically for candidates with Master’s Degrees.  If an MA candidate gets rejected from the pool of 20,000, he or she will get another chance to win the lottery by being placed in the regular pool.
  3. When are you planning to send my application?
    The filing window to send applications is April 1 – April 7.  All of you would have received the FedEx notification. If you didn’t please let us know so and we will forward it to you.
  4. When do I find out if I made it in the lottery?
    The USCIS does not provide a specific timeline for that- you will have to be patient. We will let you know as soon as we get the receipt notice.  If your packet is returned (which includes the check to USCIS) – we will know that you didn’t make it.
  5. Does getting into the lottery guarantee that I will get a visa?
    Unfortunately, getting into the lottery does not mean that you will be approved.  However, getting into the lottery is a necessary first step in order to continue with the process.
  6. What does premium processing mean/ how does it help?
    Premium processing fast tracks the result (similar to priority access, does not mean you will get the best seat or get to the destination first) – meaning if you pay $1225 the USCIS looks at your paperwork sooner & makes a decision sooner – this does not guarantee a pick in the lottery OR guarantee an approval on your case OR allow you to work on your H1b before Oct 1st.
  7. What do I do while waiting to hear back from the lottery?
    If have OPT, you will qualify for Cap-Gap and can continue to work as long as your OPT is valid past April 1 and until at least September 30.
  8. What happens after I have been picked in lottery?
    After you are picked, we get a notice which has a receipt number (that’s your golden ticket numberJ). Now you can log onto www.uscis.gov and sign up for case updates. PLEASE DO THIS, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. You will be up to date with what is happening on your case, it’s moved the next step, or there is an RFE or you got an approval.
  9. How long does USCIS take to respond on the case?
    USCIS has until September 30th to respond to all cases selected for the quota (yes that’s a long 6 months). At any point you feel you cannot take the anxiety of waiting anymore, reach out to me & we will see at that point if it makes sense for you to spend the extra $1225 to put your case in premium processing.
  10. What is an RFE? What happens if I get one?
    An RFE is Request for Evidence – this is a good sign (yes it is) It means your application is being looked at, and RFE means they want to see more information. Which is good, because we can provide more information when they ask for something. Please be aware the USCIS is issuing a lot of RFE’s in H1B extensions, quota cases, even with EAD extensions.
  11. What if I get an RFE, we respond & it’s Oct 1st and there is no decision?
    If we replied to an RFE, USCIS gets more time than Sept 30th to work on the case. So you might get the decision later than Oct 1st, it means you can continue to work on CAP-GAP if you are on an OPT & your OPT has expired.
  12. Can I travel outside the country while my H1B is in process?
    It’s advised that you don’t travel outside the country while the H1B is in process, you will only be allowed to enter in Oct especially if you come under the CAP-GAP and your current visa on your passport will expire this year before Oct.
  13. I got approved now what?
    If you got approved, congratulations, now please fill out a new I9 form from the employee portal & send it to us with the H1B information. Other than that it does not change a lot. Only that when you travel outside the country you will need to go to your country embassy for visa stamping.
  14. I got denied, now what?
    If your application got denied, again please don’t panic. We can submit an appeal, and fight it. This again allows you to remain in the country (I hope we will not have to do this, QualiTest has not had denials, but USCIS is not a predictable agency)
  15. When I go for visa stamping what should I know?
    You must contact your HR point of contact – get your employment letter, carry your latest pay stubs, carry your timesheets, take a client letter from your customer, carry your I-797 (H1b approval notice). Make an appointment in the US embassy in your country (this can be done online).
  16. Now that I am on an H1B what more should I know?
    Please keep in mind 6 months before the expiration of your H1b we need to apply for an extension.
    Please fill out an AC31 (address change form) on the uscis.gov website when you move, change addresses. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS VERY IMORTANT.
    Please remember you need to go and stamp your visa when you travel if your H1B on your passport is not up to date.
  17. How long will my H1-B visa last and what happens after it expires?
    Your H1-B visa will last for 1-3 years.  However, you can get an extension for an additional.  Six years is the maximum amount of time you can work on H1-B.  When there are two years remaining on the extension, that is when the process to apply for a green card begins.
  18. While I have H1B, what about my spouse or kids?
    The dependent visa for H1B is a H4, just like you – your spouse will also need to go for stamping of the H4.
  19. How can I apply for Permanent Residency/Green card?
    There are 2 ways to apply – Employment based GC OR the Diversity program GC. All citizens of Asian countries, Mexico & Canada don’t qualify for the Diversity program, so you have to apply through employment based GC (which we can talk about after you have completed at least 2 year on your H1B)
  20. What is the Diversity program GC?
    It is a lottery GC, where you as an individual can apply & wait to get picked.  You can find more information about it in www.uscis.gov (as in if you qualify or not)

Jury Duty Related Questions

1. I was summoned for jury duty. What should I do next?

As soon as you receive the summons, you must show it to your supervisor as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for your absence.

2. Can I receive paid leave for jury duty?

Yes, eligible employees may request up to two weeks of paid jury duty leave within a two year period.

3. How do I know if I am eligible for paid time off?

Regular full-time salaried employees who have completed at least 30 calendar days of service are eligible.

4. What happens if I am selected for more than two weeks of jury duty?

If you are required to serve more than 2 weeks, you may use your available paid time off (i.e. vacation time) or request for unpaid leave.

5. If I go on unpaid jury duty leave, what happens to my benefits?

QualiTest will continue to provide health insurance benefits until the end of the month in which the unpaid jury duty leave begins.  When you return from leave, benefits will again be provided by QualiTest.