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Quarter 2 – 2017

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      Global News To support our goal to become the world’s largest pure play software testing and business assurance partner we are proud...




Global News

To support our goal to become the world’s largest pure play software testing and business assurance partner we are proud to announce the acquisition of Experior Group.
See the full story here
A short message from Simon Evans, a co-CEO of Experior
“We are excited to join forces with QualiTest. By bringing Experior’s SAP testing capabilities to the table, we will create unparalleled service offerings for our clients and partners,”. “Becoming part of the QualiTest team allows us to expand our reach into different markets and help QualiTest develop into a global leader in SAP testing.”

One QualiTest

We’ve worked hard to implement one QualiTest values and mission. More than 1500 employees worldwide answered the quiz and 1380 of them passed with a score of 90 and higher.
We want to thank all employees who watched the one QualiTest movie and answered the certification survey. We believe that if we adopt these values as individuals we will succeed in reaching our goals and missions – individually and of course as a company.
“A single platform for every QualiTester to learn, share and collaborate”
The Qualitest-Hub is our business-to-employee communication mechanism. Here you can access the latest on corporate news, programs and policies, the knowledge hub, People & Talent communication, Delivery management documents, our accelerators, and so much more.  Please follow the link: https://hub.qualitestgroup.com/

We recently launched the demo version and it will be open to all our employees in the upcoming weeks.

The QTHub will include different types of communities/groups –

  • Professional ones e.g. SIG’s (Special Interest Group) which generate and share content regarding specific technologies.
  • Regional communities, such as the local People & Talent, which will give you the ability to get information about your specific region
  • Team communities, such as client specific groups, which will give you access to more support within your project.
We will be happy to set up more communities in order to maximize the collaboration among us as a family, company, team and individuals. The collaborating is done by a variety of channels such as messages, forums, discussions, blogs and much more.

Recognition Plans

As part of the recognition plan that we launched during 2017, we had 3 major activities that we wanted to share with you.
Peer to peer
We want to thank you for your participation, and for the credit given to your co workers. We heard so many wonderful stories and we wanted to share with you the winners from each region:
US winner: Zachary Hutter
Once I started working with Zach’s project, he has taught me a wide variety of skills. In the past 6 months, I have gone from not having knowledge of automated testing (mainly Robot Framework) to being able to write my own scripts with confidence. First he showed me the basics of how Robot Framework is used on the client’s application, and helped me write my first few scripts. After I had a better understanding, he has let me write my own scripts by doing my own critical thinking of how to approach the test case. He has always been there for questions, information, and has been patient with my learning curve. This has brought my interest back into programming languages and coding to achieve successful and thorough testing; and due to that I have started some Selenium training, which he has also helped me better understand. This was my first project that I personally could do the automated testing, and I am loving it!
UK winner: Harsh Jain
Harsh has not been in the company a long, but in his short time here he has taken on a lot of responsibility and accountability. He has covered several senior consultants leave, taking on challenges such as managing crowd-testing delivery to multiple clients, managing the automation on key client sites and assisting in recruitment activities. He has recently learnt performance testing and is helping to deliver an important piece of work for a new client, where he has been working well beyond the amount of hours expected to ensure that this project is delivered on-time and to a high standard, as well as integrating well with the client.
Israel winner: Yonatan Fanta
A manager that works in a positive way and knows how to motivate his employees to achieve results. The employees feel that he cares about them and is genuinely interested in supporting them. He receives every employee warmly, treating each and every one with love and care, accompanied by an attentive ear and the employee knows that he will do everything he can to help. A professional manager with a deep understanding of processes understands and knows the project in depth, sees the whole picture while every meeting with him enriches the staff. He excels in thinking out of the box and giving a creative solution that no one thought about, learns from everyone and knows how to motivate the employee to improve and always strive forward. A humble man, and the most important a very honest and modest individual.
India winner: Akshit Dwivedi
It’s amazing how he handles multiple projects with great effectiveness! He makes me feel positive when we discuss any technical challenges and ask for suggestions. His outlook towards problem-solving is unparalleled and I hope to someday emulate that. He constantly inspires me to be the best! The first person that flashed into my mind when I saw Peer to Peer recognition was Akshit so thanks for this opportunity!
The QualiStar program is our quarterly recognition award that highlights the contributions and efforts of employees.  Congratulations to this quarters winners:
UK QualiStars:
Gold – Tim Gallimore
Silver – Anita Mooney & Rupert Hamblin
Bronze – Mohammad Ali (Zak) & Jemima Ephraim
US QualiStars:
Gold  – Nathan Purta
Silver – Helene Gene & Sunita Menon
Bronze – Erika Cervantes & Enea Brotzman
India QualiStars:
Gold – Dayasagar S K
Silver  – Pruthvi B & Suparna V Prasad
Bronze– Pawan Kumar & Lohith B S
Israel QualiStars:
Gold – Itamar Yosifov
Silver – Roi zusman& Adi cohen

Bronze – Lior urbani& Piter trenpolski

Team Recognition​
During Q3 we will select 1 team from each region according to their performance.The selection criteria’s will be:
  • Performing duties above and beyond what is normally expected
  • Handling a large workload effectively and in a timely fashion
  • Exhibiting a high degree of professionalism, and recognized by client for doing so
  • Suggesting and/or developing new work methods that increase productivity, save time and money
  • Working with other teams within the company to promote the welfare of employees and clients
The prize will be a collective team award.We will announce the winnertill the end of the 3rdquarter.


QualiTest wins a position as an official Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier
The QualiTest UK team has been working on a platform that will enable us to bid for government work.  The hard work of the team has paid off!
In April 2017, they secured a position as an official CSS supplier on the new Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems (QAT) framework.  The QAT framework will enable QualiTest to offer its comprehensive portfolio of quality assurance and software testing services to UK public sector organizations.
You can read more about this exciting opportunity here!

Get to know

This quarter we get to know Ram Gudur, the Head of Sales Enablement here at QualiTest!
Ram has nearly two decades of experience in building new client relationships & customer acquisition.  He started his career in Sales Administration with Siemens where he worked in multiple business development roles.  Additionally, he held senior positions for business expansion in worldwide firms such as Microfocus, Polaris, and SQS.  Ram has worked and lived across continents and considers his experience with disparate business norms & cultures as truly invaluable.
As the Head of Sales Enablement at QT, Ram’s and the department’s goal is to ensure our regional sales are optimizing every touchpoint with potential clients and prospective buyers. This means enabling our colleagues with the required knowledge, coaching, content, and support throughout the lifecycle. Ram believes that the pace and agility of this role is quite exciting.
Outside of work, you will find Ram spending quality time with family and friends – he is a doting parent and part of a big Indian family.  He also spends time honing his ping pong skills to counter some aggressive players in QT
If Ram was not in the IT industry, he would certainly be pursuing a career that involves his culinary skills. In addition to cooking, he likes to take part in DIY work and gardening – you can rest assured that his garden will be best manicured one in the vicinity!
Thanks for sharing your life with us, Ram!


Our QualiTesters were busy experimenting & innovating this quarter – check out the awesome conferences they attended!
Test Bash Brighton – Seven QualiTesters (Eric Nyangezi, David Victory, Chris Hunt, Eroms Edeawe, Mitesh Limbachia, Adam Fulster, and Anita Mooney) from the UK team attended the Test Bash in Brighton, England.  Here they were able to participate in workshops, mingle with fellow testers, and learn from some of the greats in the field!  You can read more about their journey here
Selenium Conference – Three QualiTesters (Nathan Purta, David Stone, and Nausheen Sayed) from the US team attended the Selenium Conference in Austin, Texas.  They spent two days learning, networking, and sharing their knowledge.  You can read more about their journey here


What’s happening around QualiTest!?
The San Diego office played “Guess Who!?” and submitted their cutest baby pictures!
The New Jersey office built a house of cards!
The Connecticut office got in the Cinco de Mayo spirit and celebrated with delicious Mexican food!
The leads in San Diego hosted Critical Thinking Discussions!
Mina Girgis, one of our NJ QualiTesters, is relocating to the SD office!

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